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Conveniently, here is gospel truth about the kind of slots on the online circuit.

◈  3 Reel, 1 Payline: These are "classic slots." Example: Microgaming's Track & FieldMouse casino slot game.

◈  3 Reel, 1 Payline, AWP (Amusement With Prizes) (1): Example: Microgaming's Jamaican-A-Fortune.

◈  3 Reel, Multiple Payline (2): Example: Microgaming's Gold Coast.

◈  3 Reel, Multiple Payline, AWP: Example: Phileas Hog.

◈  5 REEL, Multiple Payline: Most offer a bonus round and can also be called "bonus slots."

◈  5 Reel, Advanced: Features up to 100 paylines, using up to 1000 coins! Example: Cashapillar.

◈  5 Reel, Multiple Payline, Special Addition: Nothing actually special here, it's simply hyping the game's bonus features.

◈  Big Reel: Given to Jurassic Jackpot slot game because players can see the complete reel spinning without any interference in graphics, making it look bigger in size than other slots.

◈  Progressive Jackpot: Slot machines are connected to a single network. The jackpot grows until someone wins, then the progressive jackpot starts over again from a minimum set amount.

◈  I-Slots: Interactive bonus rounds, animated video clips, and unique storylines that unfold as game levels change! Rival Gaming created and maintains i-slots.

(1) AWP Type is the United Kingdom style.
(2) Most of the time the player can choose the amount of paylines.

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